Tuesday, March 23, 2010

Flooded Can Stop the Plant

Flooded on the river that cause problem on the main water pump supply can stop all over the plant. This can happen if you never think that the rise up and down of water level unpredictable before. By just predict the yearly condition of water on the river sometimes can cause fatality because there is a tenth yearly season that repeated like the rain fall volume and rain intensity every ten years, even there is hundred years repeatedly, this why sometime beyond of season prediction. When water level rise higher than first prediction, water pump can submerge and can’t be used and the plant will stop, because no water supply to the plant.

The season that happen unusual can say with disaster, but season that happened just every ten years or even hundred years is just repeated as before, this can cause by the repeated of planet order in the universe. Like the sun flare that predict will happen on the year of 2012 or 2013 can cause the climate changes on the earth.

The over flooded on the river may also cause of the repeatedly planet system on the universe like the story on the Bible and Qur’an Nul Karim that talk about flooded happened on prophet of Noah era. On this era this world is submerged with water and there are no other live, either on the Noah ship. Then the human evolution is beginning at that time.

On the year of 2012 or 2013 is said that this is not the end of world but there are big changes on the world, atmosphere temperature will increase significantly, long dry season will occurs, difficult to find water. As the result much world life will die because can’t stay for long time without water. And the world era will begin from that time, because to someone who can stay alive will get rain, and the world temperature will down and normal. And human life will start from here to the next long life time until the world occupation fulfil of the world. This may need thousand years forward. For this prediction we just can see what happen then, we just look forward and waiting that condition comes, just wait ……….

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