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Hoses and Regulator

We must choose the correct nozzles and tips to suit the fuel gas that is going to be used when cutting or heating. We also must make sure that our handset is the right one for the fuel gas that we are going to use. The next step is to make sure that we are using the right hoses and regulators. Traditionally Oxygen hoses were black and Acetylene hoses were maroon in color. And this matched the color of the bottles.

However, the current Australian and ISO standards for these hoses specify:

Blue for Oxygen,

Red for Acetylene and

Orange for LPG/Natural Gas hoses. 

It is important to note that Acetylene and LPG/Natural Gas hoses are made of different materials because of the different properties of the gases. Therefore they are NOT interchangeable, even though they both have the same size left hand thread connectors.

Regulators also use the same color coding, and are labeled with the gas type.

Note that left hand threads are indicated by the notches in the corners of the hex fittings on the Acetylene and LPG/Natural Gas connections.

Note that there are other gases that also use the same colours.

The example shown on the left is also blue (like Oxygen) but is designed for Argon. It has an outlet gauge that measures litres/min rather than kPa.

CIGWELD Oxygen, Acetylene, and LPG/Natural Gas regulators have the gas type specified on the gauges.

This provides another way of checking that you have the right one.

Flashback Arrestors are also color coded. Oxygen is still blue, but the red flashback arrestors are used for Acetylene and LPG/Natural Gas.

This document focuses on some of the typical equipment that we use. It does not cover all hardware that is available.

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China Supposed Attack Google

China is supposed to attack Google as the biggest internet service market on the world. China is supposed want to get privacy data from Google. Google says that some of organized group from china several time try to enter the Google security system, this effort also have reported to US government about this condition.

Since last year China become the highest number of internet user to pass US as that become the second number of Internet user in the world. The thretened to the Google security system, Google also mean to close the operation on Chnia, because can make dangerous to the Google system that now still be a number one on the Internet world service.

China as the first of economic earning now seems want be enhanced their business to internet service and want to get market from this business.

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Developing and Improving Life Cycle Asset Management

In an environment of global competition, the system effective maintenance needs to draw on specialized knowledge more than ever before. The professionals need to provide best practices to those system maintenance, and so need to be familiar with all aspects of physical asset management; why certain problem occur, what are going to do about those problems; how to develop an effective organization's in order to get the best results.

Maintenance Excellence details the strategies, tools, and solutions for maximizing the productivity of physical assets—focusing on profitability potential. This knowledge also should provide contemporary concerns, key terms, data requirements, critical methodologies, and essential mathematical needs.

On trying to improve and developing an asset management, we need to learn how proposes a concept utilizing a reliability-based analysis system, based on our experience and knowledge, will provide asset managers with a dependable and easy-to-use tool for their decision making processes in the management of buildings. The creation of such a tool will permit the monitoring and management of quality during the building's life cycle. They present maintenance in a business context, review planning, measurement, feedback, and techniques related to cost, risk, efficiency, and results, and summarize applications tools of statistics and neural networks to cost-optimized models.

To realize the developing and improving of life cycle we must understand and able to:
  • Learn the core concepts of fundamental Maintenance management system & application in industry.
  • Understand how to modify & improve the existing maintenance system without avoid the safety and business aspects.
  • Learn how implement the tools of cost effective system as a basic to control production program.
  • Be able to measure the maintenance outcomes.
  • Have a detailed knowledge of the maintenance optimization practices, on a life-cycle basis, in order to maximize facility service life and more effectively allocate resources.

Smart Watch – SPOT

Spirit by many film like James Bond that always use of new kind technology, this kind of watch also created from imagination. About four years ago, Microsoft’s research and Development team came up with a new technology called Smart Personal Object Technology (SPOT) that uses FM radio signals to broadcast news, weather and other information to wristwatches.

The first smart watches leveraging SPOT were first launched last January at the Consumer Electronics show however it did take them a few extra months to get the wireless service running with all its features and have wristwatches available more widely.

This Smart Watch composed by three pillars; the computing platform (SPOT) or computer technology, the wireless service (MSN Direct) and a new FM radio-based network (Microsoft DirectBand network).

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Online Marketing Master Degree

If you really want understand of Internet marketing strategy you should read this, one of the internet marketing master degree advertising content and what they advise should learn.

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Potential career paths include:
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Seal Technology

Mechanical seal have been use in many kind of pumps like mechanical seal on centrifugal pump. Mechanical seal have been used for many years to seal any number of liquids at various speeds, pressures, and temperatures. Today plant operators are benefiting from improved seal technologies driven by the U.S Clean Air Act of 1990, and the American Petroleum Institute (API) Standard 682. These new seal technologies are based on advanced computer programs used to optimize seal designs, which are then verified through performance testing at simulated refinery conditions required by the API. The results to date indicate not only an improvement in emissions control, but also a major increase in equipment reliability.

Classes of Seal Technology
Emerging seal technology are providing clear choices for sealing. Various plant services require the application of these new technologies for emissions control, safety and reliability. Sealing systems are now available that are based on the preferred method of lubrication to be used.

These classes are as follows:

  • Contacting liquid lubricated seals:
      Normally, a single seal arrangement is cooled and lubricated by the liquid being sealed. This is the most cost effective seal installation available to the industry.
      Dual seals are arranged to contain a pressurized or non pressurized barrier or buffer liquid.
      Normally this arrangement will be used on applications where the liquid being sealed is not a good lubricating fluid for a seal for emissions containment. These arrangements require a lubrication system for the circulation of barrier or buffer liquids.
  • Non contacting gas lubricated seals:
      Dual non-contacting, gas lubricated seals are pressurized with an inert gas such as nitrogen.
      Dual non-contacting, gas lubricated seals are used in a tandem arrangement and pressurized by the process liquid being sealed, which is allowed to flash to gas at the seal. A tandem seal arrangement is used on those liquids that represent a danger to the plant environment. For non-hazardous liquids, a single seal can be used.

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