Thursday, September 7, 2017

Computer Technology

Technology have increasing vastly, especially in information technology. Many new invention on information technology have bring us to the world that so hard to understand. Longer we wrestle information world, hence would more and more odd new invention.

One of new invention is the tools that can make us more simple on grasp the news in all over the world, and may this invention will make more easy and cheap for every people on this world to access and received a new information that fly on this world. Through internet of course, with simple bring and really light. Using a ballpoint with completed by computer technology people can see and communicate through internet.

The gaps between people will more big, the technology created this and many people don’t realize this. Look to the image below:

This ballpoint is not ordinary ballpoint.

This ballpoint can transmits keyboard light which able to be typed and gives response signal at contact to the keyboard picture.

The same way also on this PDA.

And from the other ballpoint can light the information that just we input through keyboard picture. Very fantastic.

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