Sunday, September 10, 2017

Hoses and Regulator

We must choose the correct nozzles and tips to suit the fuel gas that is going to be used when cutting or heating. We also must make sure that our handset is the right one for the fuel gas that we are going to use. The next step is to make sure that we are using the right hoses and regulators. Traditionally Oxygen hoses were black and Acetylene hoses were maroon in color. And this matched the color of the bottles.

However, the current Australian and ISO standards for these hoses specify:

Blue for Oxygen,

Red for Acetylene and

Orange for LPG/Natural Gas hoses. 

It is important to note that Acetylene and LPG/Natural Gas hoses are made of different materials because of the different properties of the gases. Therefore they are NOT interchangeable, even though they both have the same size left hand thread connectors.

Regulators also use the same color coding, and are labeled with the gas type.

Note that left hand threads are indicated by the notches in the corners of the hex fittings on the Acetylene and LPG/Natural Gas connections.

Note that there are other gases that also use the same colours.

The example shown on the left is also blue (like Oxygen) but is designed for Argon. It has an outlet gauge that measures litres/min rather than kPa.

CIGWELD Oxygen, Acetylene, and LPG/Natural Gas regulators have the gas type specified on the gauges.

This provides another way of checking that you have the right one.

Flashback Arrestors are also color coded. Oxygen is still blue, but the red flashback arrestors are used for Acetylene and LPG/Natural Gas.

This document focuses on some of the typical equipment that we use. It does not cover all hardware that is available.

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