Friday, October 15, 2010

Miner Rescue in Chile

This miner rescue in Chile is a combination between rescue skill and technology. New technology innovation in rescue team is fully will help for miners that buried under 700 meters under the ground. 33 miner are buried on this accident. Safety team experience and skills is expected on this rescue operation.

In the empty desert out of the city Copiapo, North of Chile, many people are coming from many countries to the copper and gold mining in San Jose. They would like witnessing of Government rescue operation. There are 33 miner buried on this mining under the ground width 700 meters.

This rescue operation are very complicated as long rescue operation history that very depending on the machine. Celebration has gone after the rescue team succeed to create bore hole through 700 meters under the ground. Through this hole doctor can send to the victim, food, water, medicines, vitamins, toothbrushes, skin creams, nicotine patches and cheering items such as films, dominoes and letters from wives and children, but also fiber-optic cables, through which every miner was eventually able to have a daily video consultation with a doctor.

Chile President Sebastian Pinera, plan goes to this accident location to see the evacuation process. This rescue operation will use capsule that will flow through the hole. Rescue team of 16 people, they are combination of special team and experienced veteran SAR on the mining accidence rescue.

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