Thursday, January 13, 2011

New Mouse Technology

Strange found in many equipment have been created and one of this technology founding is mouse label printer that have released by Casio that usually produce calculator and other electronic tools. Usually casio don't involved in computer technology, they just involved in electronic stationary, but the improvement on technology currently have focused on computer technology that provide all the tool on it. Of course Casio wan't their customer go to others because their product is not use anymore so that they are currently should involve in information technology.

The picture of this new innovation can see on the picture below:

Using this label mouse printer maximum printed width just maximum 8 mm. Like the sample picture on the above you can create a label for your good to sell or just labeling your file holder that usually use that kind of label. By using this mouse label printer we don't need a printer if want to create a label, but if this new tool effective or not, we just observe for the future.

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