Saturday, April 30, 2011

Moving Object By Teleportation

Moving objects with teleportation like in a science fiction space scientist was already done even just limited to moving the beam of light. Teleportation related to the nature of the two particles which can be put together though apart far. Both particles can communicate instantly.

To perform teleportation of light, researchers led by Noriyuki Lee from the University of Tokyo, destroying the particle in one place and recreate in another location. This is similar to the process of teleportation in Star Trek film, teleportation device scan that showed a person, atom by atom, to destroy, and then build back people with the same pattern.

Lee and the team move the light with the "linking" a bundle of light with half of pack with other particles, then destroy it. The remaining particles recorded "relationship" with another particle before, including information about the light, allowing researchers to reconstruct the light with the exact configuration in other place.

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