Saturday, September 2, 2017

Energy Saving


Industrial activity always involve of using energy and electric power. Raw material price to produce energy and electric power always increase will directly affected to the production cost, because of the energy consume become a highest component of production cost.

Beside of using energy, all industry also will release an emission waste to the air and become a high pollutant source. This problem becomes an environmental issue and always press to the industrial practice to reduce air pollution. On this connection efficiency and effective of energy using become more important and many benefit on this activity.

The step to realize this efficiency program can be done on one of program packed that called as Energy Saving Program. On the program there are audit representing the early step of identifying the existence of energy saving possibility. The next step to follow up of audit result that determines a suitable action of applying Energy Saving Program that hope will have a great effect to the company.

The next step of that program is program evaluation and improves the next program base on evaluation. If this is continuous apply the company will get of energy saving, cost efficiency, better performance, and company culture that environmental friendly.
To improve culture on the company especially on energy saving effect, the company can arrange a training program that is focused on that angle.

Training Goal:
  • The trainees will understand the energy saving policy on the company.
  • The trainees will be able to identify the energy saving potential in that work area.
  • Trainees will be trained how to create a energy saving program step.
Subject Course:
  • Introduction of Energy Saving Program Strategy
  • The characteristic of energy using in Industry
  • Planning of Energy Saving Program
    o How to build a team
    o How to identify the energy using.
    o Energy Saving Audit
  • To analyze energy saving solution alternative
    o Expense benefit analysis
    o Finance analysis, IRR
    o NPV
    o Technical analysis
  • Applying Energy Saving
  • Evaluation and Energy Saving Program improvement Case study of Energy Saving Program application that cause not just to the company itself but also to the environment and the society.

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