Tuesday, October 29, 2013

Good Bye Paper Menu for Restaurant

In a modern technology era like now, digital menu become the new system applied on the tapas restaurant, José Andrés', in Washington DC. Using tablet to choice your menu may be more easily to see of what you will order without asking many thing.

An app called SmartCellar guided to search for wine by grape variety and climate zone. Selecting a bottle, the detail about the vintage and its procedures, tasting notes written by the restaurant’s wine team, pictures of the bottle or label, and food pairing suggestions.

Paper menu still use in around the world, but a growing number of restaurant are singing the praises of tablets to better serve their customers. Customer often feel disspointed because they often  order food but unavailable. For modern customer the price may be not too affected but display price immediately together with the available menu will very helpful and can serve better to the customer.

Using online system, restaurant can update immediately to the entire customer what they are available now. Using paper is difficult to show what the customer should order because not all of kind food ready stock. Update the list at a moment can notice online from anywhere in the world.

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