Tuesday, May 28, 2013

Essential Oil as an alternative energy source

Essential oil as an alternative energy source have been tried and experiment for years, but the result still don't get satisfied enough. The ignition delay of diesel engines not only affects the start of combustion period, but will also affect until the end of the combustion process. Thus play a role determining the performance and content of the exhausts gas (emission) from engines. For example, if the diesel fuel injection period is made between about 20°BTDC and TDC, such as conventional diesel engines, the relationship between levels of NOx (nitrogen oxides) and smoke (smoke or soot) will be a trade-off. However, if diesel fuel injection period is early more, earlier than 20°BTDC then both NOx and smoke levels both reduce together.

This is caused by autoignition period to be late because the period of the earlier injection causes the mixture of air (or air+gas fuel) and spray of diesel fuel gets enough time to mix evenly, so that the hight concentrated areas of mixture decreased, so that temperature of combustion are decreases. Today, the premix-lean combustion systems on diesel engines as above to be consideration, because it can reduce levels both of NOx and smoke together.

In this experiment conducted testing and analysis of ignition delay in diesel fuel injection period is very early and in the condition of mixture of air+gas fuel (dual fuel) from the intake port which varies, resulting ignition delay period becomes very long. This became an extraordinary testing because it is far beyond the period of ignition delay that exist today are limited to level 1 ms (millisecond).

The next, in this study have been found a model calculations to predict the ignition delay by applying the condition of autoignition of Livengood-Wu. By determining the constants which obtained from an experimental results, to disubsitusi into the model calculations predict of ignition delay is then obtained predicted value identical to the value which is obtained from experimental results.

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