Monday, September 4, 2017

Technology Gaps Among Physicians

Physicians are a critical job for many people especially in hospital and clinic. As continues improvement on technology, they are forced to master every new technology that is currently available on health care technology. Beside they should be mastered in the medical knowledge that improves so vastly, they should be mastered new technology that has improved on the medical tools itself.

While the needed also increasing, not all doctor have high income for their job. The Government sometime doesn’t full to support them about current situation. Right now doctor has many other competitors with other medical practitioner, such as traditional medicine, traditional cure and many others cure practitioner. So doctor income sometime is very limited to follow and not enough to follow a modern technology inovation.

Physicians in smaller practices continue to lag well behind physicians in larger practices in reporting the availability of clinical information technology (IT) in their offices, according to a new national study from the Center for Studying Health System Change (HSC). The proportion of physicians reporting access to IT for each of five clinical activities increased across all practice settings between 2000–2001 and 2004–2005.

Adoption gaps between small and large practices persisted, however, for two of the clinical activities—obtaining treatment guidelines and exchanging clinical data with other physicians—and widened for the other three—accessing patient notes, generating preventive care reminders and writing prescriptions. In contrast, clinical IT was generally as likely or more likely to be available to physicians in practices treating larger proportions of vulnerable and underserved patients as other physicians, a pattern that did not change between the two periods.

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