Sunday, September 3, 2017

Microphoto Contest

On the medical electronic tool have used a tool that can see to the inside the body of entire problem using micro photo. This tool creates with a very small cable that can be inserted into the body through mouth or nose trill. On the top of this tool there is a camera that can take a photo or record inside the body conditions.

On this time Nikon perform of micro photo contest, hoping that new technology can be applied to many applications, like medical and science. For most of the year, their work is concealed from public view at the end of powerful microscopes. But once a year, the Nikon Small World Photomicrography Competition magnifies them and puts them center stage. Many photo that followed on this contest, such as micro animals photo, medicine photo, organ photo and many others.

This year's winner is Michael Stringer from the United Kingdom who took first place with a photo of Pleurosigma (marine diatoms), magnified 200 times. It was taken using darkfield and polarized light.

“My objective was to display diatoms in today's modern style, through the careful application of colors," said Stringer.

The winning entries are judged on their scientific and artistic merits. Stringer's image was picked from nearly 2,000 entries that were received this year from scientists and artists across the world.

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