Sunday, May 22, 2011

Virgin Space Ship

Virgin Space Ship two alias VSS Enterprise have been succeed to test on May 4, 2011. The suborbital vehicle own by Virgin Galactic, a commercial company that founded by Richard Bronson will bring the tourism to the space.

One of the sophistication of these aircraft is the ability to fly like a feather. The method was designed by Burt Rutan is the biggest innovation integrated on Spaceship Two. The position of flying like a feather that can be achieved when the plane turned onto the tail of about 65 degrees. Position it produces a very stable aerodynamic shape while creating tremendous resistance that can brake the aircraft upon entering Earth's atmosphere.

The body does not become too hot because it is made of extremely lightweight material. Additional thermal protection to minimize the heat generated due to friction with the atmosphere can also be avoided. The pilot can free their hands from the aircraft because this space can fly stable go through the atmosphere just rely on the aerodynamic shape.

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