Monday, January 30, 2012

Tropical Storm Laggy Shift the Rain

Tropical storm Laggy make the rain intensity down, laggy storm attract rain cloud above the Java Island, mainly in South Jakarta Sky, the cloud shift to south and rain down in Indian Ocean.

Jakarta save from flooding because of laggy storm, but this happen in just three days, after the effect of laggy storm gone, Jakarta still potential for flooding.

Currently, laggy cyclone has moved into the western region of Australia. Although Indonesia has been far to the south estimates tropical cyclones are still having an effect strong winds in Indonesia. Laggy actually minimize the potential for cloud precipitation because the cloud shift to the south and heavy rains fell in the southern region. After Hurricane laggy is over, then heavy rain with an intensity that is not stabilized, such as mild, moderate, and heavy, can occur throughout the day on Java island.

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