Saturday, November 12, 2011

Drilling Method

To find oil source from the earth or Exploration is done by geologist. Modern technology to find oil is used by satellite imagery and stone surface analyze. After geologist doing a series of analyses and determine on that location contain of petroleum, the next task take over by geophysics.

Geophysicists study the characteristic of soil layer. Several method is done on this step to support the result of geologist. Many measurement equipment use to find oil, Gravimeter to measure if there is oil flow because of little different of gravitation, Magnetometer to measure the changes of magnetic because of oil flow, and sniffers the electronic measurement to detect hydrocarbon, but the often use seismology.

The work of seismology to find oil:
Seismology can use to find the oil resource in the land or under the sea. The main part of seismology is vibration trigger and signal receiver. Vibration trigger use such compressed air gun especially use offshore exploration, Thumper truck for land exploration and explosive material.

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