Monday, December 12, 2011

Exposed to Nuclear

Japanese food producer Meiji announced to recall about 400,000 cans of infant formula after traces of radioactive cesium were found in the company's milk powder. After test the products of formula on October 2012 expiration date detected cesium-134 and cesium-137 at levels 15.2 becquerels per kilograms and 16.5 bq/kg. This number actually still below the government's permissible levels of dairy for infants about 200 bq/kg. But growing child up to 9 months still sensitive to the effects of radiation, and have been focus of health concern since March 11's triptych of disaster sent radioactive plumes across Japan's airspace.

For years, Japanese food exports have been lauded for their safety and quality in Asia and beyond; after thousands of children were sickened by melamine tainted formula in China in 2008, trusted Japanese brands of milk powder flew off Asia's shelves. Since March traces of radioactive materials have been found in several Japanese products grown or processed in the vicinity of the crippled Fukusima Dai ichi power plant, from fish and beef to rice, vegetable and tea.

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