Thursday, June 2, 2011

Toyota Prius Should be Recall

Toyota just change their management organization structure after tsunami disaster last time, they are exposed to another wave, Toyota should recall their product, Toyota Prius from American market. The country who is very tight to keep their safety for car on the road forced to this company to withdrawn their toyota prius from the market immediately.

Compare to new car technology, prius is dangerous to release on the market.  Toyota should recall their three products from American market, because of steer disturbance. The three model of toyota cars are toyota prius for 52,000 unit the product of 2003 to 2011, Toyota Venza AWD for 34 units and Sienna AWD for 16 unit the production of 2011. As Japanese principal, this recall have include of 106,000 unit that recall by Toyota Motor corp.

If the wheel steer being turn one way several times and when back is lock. This possible because of there is a nut that safe the pinion shaft loose. On this condition, if the car continuously being operated make turn to the left more. The car owner will notice on the beginning of June. Dealer will service this condition for free. Other problem for Venza and Sienna are the driveshaft right front, get too much heat possibility, this can make this part broken and causes the car can't move.

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